Intimation to Exchanges under Regulation 30 of LODR

Authorisation KMP dt.23.12.2015-

Credit Rating dt. 30.08.2016

-27.02.2017-Resignation of CFO

Notice dt. 29.05.2017

Notice AGM dt. 20.07.2017

Credit Rating dt. 06.10.2017

Credit Rating July 18 2018

AGM Proceeding July 28,2018

Proceeding of Postal Ballot October 09,2018

Spilit sub-Division of Equity Shares Oct 11,2018

Commencement of Commercial Production March 5,2019

Code of Practises of UPSI -March 20,2019

Change of Director November 13,2019

Reconstitution oc Board Committees Nov 13,2019

Resignation of Director Nov 13,2019

Strikes Lockouts Disturbances March 24,2020

Reappointment of Directors March 26,2020

Intimation of Appointment Internal Auditor dt. 11.09.20

Intimation of Reconstitution of Committee dt.11.11.20

Intimation of Resignation of Independent Director dt. 12.11.20

Resignation of CS dt. 03.12.20

Appointment of CS dt. 31.12.20

Intimation of Appointment of Independent Director dt. 09.02.21

Crisil Rating dt. 09.03.21

Intimation of Reconstitution of Committees dt. 10.03.21

24- Crisil Rating dt. 16.03.21

Notice Appointment of Cost Auditor dt. 02.07.21

Appointment of Secretarial Auditor dt. 12.11.21

Resignation of Internal Auditor dt. 24.12.21

Intimation of Appoint of Internal Auditor dt. 10.02.22

Credit Rating dt. 18.02.22

Credit Rating dt. 19.04.22

Appointment Internal Auditor dt. 28.05.22

Clarification on Price Movement dt 29/11/2022

Reappoint of Managing Director and Whole Time Directors

Resignation of Statutory Auditor of the Company Dated 14/02/2023

Postal Ballot dt. 09.02.2023

Newspaper advertisement regarding the dispatch of Notice of Postal Ballot dt 13/03/2023





Financial Results in Newspaper

Financial Results 31.03.2019 dt. 25.05.19

Financial Results 30.06.2019 dt. 13.08.19

Financial Results 30.09.2019 dt. 13.11.19

Financial Result 30.09.2019 dt. 26.11.19

Financial Results-31.12.2020 dt. 19.02.20

Financial Result 30.06.20 dt. 14.09.20

Financial Result 30.09.20 dt. 13.11.20

Financial Result 31.12.2020 dt. 08.02.21

Financial Result 31.03.21 dt. 01.07.21

Financial Result 30.06.21 dt. 09.08.21

Financial Result 30.09.21 dt. 13.11.21

Financial Result 31.12.2021 dt. 11.02.22

Financial Result 31.03.22 dt. 30.05.22

Financial Results 30. 06.2022- 09.08.2022

Newspaper advertisement regarding the dispatch of Notice of Postal Ballot dt 09/02/2023

Financial Results for the Quarter and Year ended March 31, 2023


Public Notice in Newspaper

Notice AGM 2016 dt.19.07.2016

Notice Share Transfer to IEPF dt.07.12.2016

Property purchased dt.08.01.2017

Notice to Shareholder dt. 24.11.2017

Notice of Postal Ballot dt .07.09.2018

Notice to the Equity Shareholders of the Company in relation to Record dt.16.10.2018

SubDivision of Equity Shares dt.16.10.2018

Notice of Share Transfer to IEPF dt.14.01.2019

Dispatch of postal Baltot Notice dt. 28.02.2019

Notice of Share Transfer to IEPF dt. 08.05.2019

AGM Notice 2019 dt. 22.07.2019

Notice of Share Transfer to IEPF dt. 30.08.2019

Notice of Share Transfer to IEPF dt. 05.12.2019

Corrigendum of postal ballot Notice dated February 07, 2020

Notice of Board Meeting for approval of Financial Results 14.02.2020

Dispatch of the postal ballot Notice dt.19.02.2020

Postal Ballot Result dt. 26.03.2020

Notice of BM for approval of Result dt.04.09.20

Notice of Board Meeting for Result dt. 30.10.20

Notice Board Meeting dt.28.01.21

Notice Board Meeting dt.31.07.21

Notice AGM dt. 20.08.21

Notice AGM dt. 14.09.21

Share Transfer to IEPF dt. 01.12.21

Transfer Share - IEPF dt. 27.06.22

Book Closure dt. 08.07.22

AGM Notice dt. 26.07.22

Advertisement of inviting of Acceptance of Fixed Deposits -2022

Notice of transfer of Equity shares to the IEPF Suspense Account Dt. 24.11.2022

Financial Results 30.09.2022- 12.11.2022

Financial Results 31.12.2022- 09.02.2023

Dispatch of Notice of Postal Ballot dt 13/03/2023

Notice of Share Transfer to IEPF dt. 25.05.2023